Creating engaging documentaries to inform and educate

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The goal of Education Alliance’s Educational Series is to enlighten audiences by delivering diverse documentary content that marries both creativity and simplicity to the viewer.


As we partner with presenting stations to distribute our educational program across the United States, the Education Alliance team is committed to fostering genuine relationships with our valuable distribution partners. It’s an approach that makes a difference for our employees and ultimately for our partner stations.


The objective of the series is to inform and educate the Public Television viewer about the causes, services and issues that most affect them. We empower our creative team to develop content that embraces authenticity without sacrificing creative touchstones that have separated us from our friendly competitors.


Education Alliance knows how to connect our audience to important topics through a series of short form documentaries. Whether it’s connecting with an issue through investigative journalism, harnessing resources to create opportunities in the field, or identifying riveting visual content to capture the essence of the moment. Our program creators strive to tell compelling stories that ensure ongoing viewer engagement